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Start the day off with a quick animal crossing check up. Noon comes around, you’re a little hungry. Throw on some music while you make some yummy pasta with white sauce and chicken, but oh, what’s this, a text from your bros? Well gotta read it. Text’em back, eat some pasta and chicken while you finish your new gundam model’s paint job. Night’s on the way, so you climb into your space ship, drive on down to the milky way, drop by earth and ERADICATE THE PUNY HUMANS WITH YOUR BROS LIKE YOU PLANNED THE NIGHT BEFORE! Aaah man, what a great day!

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wot aboot magic?

Read up on it. Never touched it. I don’t exactly like how it plays. Yugioh appeals to me more.

saviourofarea11 sent:

I've played Yugioh for a number of years now (got a Pegasus starter deck back in 04 and played since) And while I'll admit I'm a dinosaur in my mentality, I can't compete any longer with my decks due to the lack of Synchro/XYZ/Extra deck usage. They do well enough but with the powers contained in newer decks is pushing me out of the scene. Should I pack it in and build a newer deck, or stick with my older yet 'unexpected' decks because I can despite their lack of power nowdays?

A lot of the new XYZ and Synchro monsters extraordinarily fuck over a lot of the first cards put out. While cards like thousand eyes restrict can certainly catch people off guard, you better hope they can’t whip out something stronger when and far worse than what your TER already absorbed. I say make multiple decks and try them out. I have over sixty decks made and ready to use.

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I tried playing Yu-gi-oh once at my local games store. I got handed a basic deck and the 'tutor' pulled out his own personal deck. He then proceeded to defeat my five times in a row only explaining the rules when he needed to explain why his cards were so important. I got up and went to leave the store when the store owner called me over to say he'd explain better. He then pulled out what he called his 'noob destroyer' deck. Safe to say I've not played it since.

And that is why you will fail. You give up because some better players beat you. I hate to say this but the anime got everything right when teaching newcomers what the game is about. The moment you stop trying is the moment you fail in becoming any better. The same can be said for just about everything. This isn’t a game that you can win at all the time forever and expect to be amazing right off the bat. You start with a deck, find a strategy or core within in, test it a few times, work off your defeat to see what went wrong and fix it, test more, wash rinse repeat. When I started off, I lost constantly because I was too reckless with everything. I technically still am, but I have precautions set every time before I do something that I may regret. 

And again, you were handed a basic deck, meaning the intention was to show you what it was like to lose so you could learn from it. If you were new at the game, which I assume you were, that would explain why you lost. I’ve defeated custom decks with basic decks, and vice versa. In fact that is how I teach others; give them a basic deck, use my personal deck, and then see how long they can last. That’s actually a lot more common than you think it is.

The one thing I teach others is never expect to win all the time right off the bat. You take your time and think in the game, there’s no time limit unless you set one. This game is like chess; make the wrong move and you lose it all. Think about what you can do to improve yourself as a player, and your deck, then try again. Learn from defeat, and don’t let victory make you cocky.


Not to mention it has furnishings of a Blue-eyes White Dragon.


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