you now cosplay your icon for every day of your life from now on how screwed are you

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Dude, if you haven't watched Neverending Nightmares yet, you totally should. Holy shit, it's the scariest horror game I've seen in a while

I’m watching it right now. I’m not actually scared by horror games in general, but it is pretty damn good.



Ghost Team is no match for Eirin-level sass.

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Collin Mochary: Today on Boobie-Mun's sex advice... Does her Amanda really want non if she ain't got no apps hun?

#NSFW ask
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given the willingness to talk about personal matters, both about ourselves and whatnot, I have to ask, I've very inexperienced at dealing with breasts, mainly on pleasure my partner's. SO all things considered do you have a few general rules on what to focus on with them etc? or is it so vastly different between each person that it's a case of finding out as you go?

Honestly I can’t say anything because it will vary from person to person. For me, my nipples are extremely sensitive when touched, but I know that some women have dull nipples so they don’t feel much at all. I honestly say that you should out right ask your partner. That’s how I found out all of mine’s “weak spots”.


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Isn't everyone in Touhou kind of an asshole?

Well Reimu’s a grump, Marisa excels in unintentionally pissing people off, Cirno’s ego is through the roof, Remilia is lol mistress, Flan was lonely for years, Yukari’s just lazy, Youmu’s protective of Yuyuko, Ran is protective of Yukari—… Well you get my point. They kinda excel at saying the wrong thing to each other during incidents.

reapersofknowledge replied to your post:It just occurred to me. Sakuya Izayoi is actually…

Don’t you mean in PCB she insults Youmu and Yuyuko, not IN?

My mistake. It’s been years since I have played a touhou game that wasn’t touhoumon or KD.

Point still stands though.

It just occurred to me. Sakuya Izayoi is actually kind of an asshole. KD2, she fights an unwilling and innocent Alice instead of just untying Meiling and asking her what happened. IN, she just genuinely does not give a shit about anything and insults Youmu and Yuyuko CONSTANTLY. I just. Wow, calm down.

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I have an odd question... Uh. Is it bad if the first orgasm takes a very long time (30-45 minutes at minimum), followed by every consecutive orgasm coming ever 30 seconds to a minute...?

Not at all. After the first orgasm, it’s common for the body to still be reeling from it and still be super sensitive, so it’s easier to keep the ball rolling if you want it to.